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Anytime Yoga

Erm, well, hamstrings. I am not so much a fan of the eating kind of ham. However, the more I looked into glute stuff, the more I realized that when it comes to hip extension, the gluteus maximus usually works in tandem with the hamstrings. So while I’m not quite done talking about the gluteus maximus yet, I am putting that on hold to talk about these a bit:

Músculo biceps femoral
[The biceps femoris, part of the hamstring group.]

Músculo semitendinoso
[The semitendinosus, another muscle in the hamstring group.]

Músculo semimembranoso
[And the semimembranosus, the final main muscle in the hamstring group. This pic makes it a little difficult to tell, but the semimembranosus appears smaller here because it is deeper than the other two muscles, not because it’s actually smaller.]

So. The hamstrings are a group of muscles that really do — at least as well as muscles can — look like strings…

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